Supporting children, adults and families affected by Birth Injuries, Traumatic Accidents, Autistic Spectrum Conditions & Physical Disabilities.

Bevris Support are a registered provider of Personal Care with both the Care Quality Commission and Care Inspectorate Wales.  Established by Chris Wall and Beverley Wall the company has a unique promise; “We will ensure that our company does not outgrow our personal control

Children & Adults

We will provide support to Children and Adults with complex needs resulting from birth injury or traumatic injury. Exceptionally we will provide and/or advise on services to children and adults with autistic spectrum conditions and/or learning disabilities and others with private funding streams in need of high levels of support.

Additional Services

An additional service that we are able to offer is to advise on the interface between private funding and public sector funding. Chris Wall has been able to establish effective negotiating positions, particularly in cases where compensation has been settled on a split basis as a result of contributory negligence. Chris is also able to advise on Mental Capacity Act issues.

Boutique Company

We are a small “Boutique Company” and will remain so. We operate within a 90 minute radius of Chester in both England and Wales. We provide truly person centred support and work with individuals and families to recruit, train and support the people they want to assist them.


Training is essential but as each individual person’s service is unique in its own right we provide an enhanced tailored training package in each and every case, designed with the individual and in conjunction with the people who know the person best; families, case managers, deputies and clinical teams.

Active Involvement and Control in Recruitment

We recruit by advertisement and word of mouth. Our customers are not only unique in terms of their individuality, personality and needs they are also likely to be unique in terms of their location. We will establish a recruitment “long list” of people that we would feel happy to employ; people we feel capable of carrying out the work, of having the right approach, of having an acceptable standard of behaviour. From this “long list” our customers and their families or advisors will choose a “short list” of people they would like to meet; everyone on this list we would regard as employable in the role. After meeting the people on the short list the customer will choose their preferred support team. This process enables us to carry out our responsibilities as employers whilst at the same time ensuring that our customers have the control they desire in terms of the recruitment process. We are able to take on individual supporters who have worked for other employers under TUPE regulations where necessary or desired.


Chris Wall will complete an assessment with each individual customer, their families and advisors in order to establish their requirements and wishes in respect of their support prior to our enagagement.


These are by negotiation and will depend on a number of factors including whether supporters are transferred under TUPE Regulations.