Help & Advice

We welcome working with Case Managers and Deputies.  These professionals are able to offer a great deal of support to people who require support and assistance at most important and significant times.

Whilst we would recommend engaging a Case Manager some individuals, families and Deputies choose not to engage Case Managers.  This most often occurs in long term settled cases or where the person needing support has the capacity to engage their own assistance and services.  Whenever this choice is made Bevris Support can offer sound professional advice and assistance on a range of social, health care and environmental issues; bringing together the necessary expertise as required.  This additional professional advice and support is provided free of charge* to those who purchase significant packages of support from us.

Chris Wall has developed a specific expertise in working between individuals and public bodies, such as local authorities and/or NHS Trusts, to engage supportive public funding where private funds fall short of being able to engage long term substantive support packages.  Such expertise is offered without charge to our substantive customers.  This assistance is offered to individuals, families, Deputies and Case Managers.

*Significant packages of care mean those engaging 40 hours or more of weekly support from us; however, advice may be given at the outset of smaller support packages.  The additional advice and support at no extra charge extends to social care and co-ordination only and where Bevris-Support engage other professionals (such as Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Consultant Nurses etc) outside of our own employment, then their charges would need to be met in addition to our costs of care and support.